Specifications – RL64 Dante Audio Monitoring Unit

1  Monitoring of 64 Dante channels at 48kHz (32 channels at 96kHz)

·      Optional fixed 16 channel mode

2  Sample rates supported

·      44.1kHz

·      48kHz

·      88.2kHz

·      96kHz

3  Bit Depth supported

·      16bit

·      24bit

·      32bit

4  AES67 compatible

5  Fully compatible with Dante Domain Manager

6  67 x 2 mixer with the following controls

·      Pan

·      Level

·      PFL

·      Option to Link odd and even adjacent channels into stereo pairs

7  Output

·      Built in speakers/headphones

·      Line Output

·      AES3 Output

·      Dante

8  67 channel meters (16 displayed at a time)

·      High resolution meters switchable scale standards from

–      EBU

–      SMPTE

·      Screen swipe left and right to allow viewing of all meters

·      Screen swipe down to present navigation controls

–      Jump +16 channels

–      Jump -16 channels

–      Jump to end

–      Jump to beginning

9  Main LR meters

·      Large high-resolution meters displaying +10dBFS down to -60dBFS in 1dB steps

·      Optional Peak hold

·      Limiter operation indicators

10   Internal 2W/channel amplifier feeding either

·      2x 4mm x 9mm full range drivers

·      Headphone output

11   Dual Balanced Line Outputs 0dBFS = +21dBu maximum output into 600ohms 2x 3pin male XLR connectors

·      Fed from main Stereo LR bus

·      Option to follow main volume control

·      Output Mute relays

12   Stereo AES3 output on 3pin male XLR connector

·      Fed from main Stereo LR bus

·      Option to follow main volume control

13   Stereo AES3 Input on 3pin female XLR connector

·      SRC converts from 44.1kHz, 48kHz or 96kHz to RL64 sample rate

·      AES3 routing to main mix via

–      Level

–      PFL

14   3.5mm Headphone socket and microphone input

·      Headphone output for driving loads from 8ohm to 600ohm

·      Microphone input routing to main mix via

–      Input Gain control 0dB to 30dB

–      Pan

–      Level

–      PFL

·      Socket wiring is suitable for use with most common mobile phone headsets

15   Dual 1Gbps RJ45 Dante inputs

·      1Gbps or 100Mbps operation

·      User configurable for Switched or Redundant operation

·      Network configuration information available via menu

16   Power input

·      PoE on Primary port

·      2.1mm DC inputs socket for use with external 24V 2amp adaptor

·      Both power inputs can be active at the same time for redundancy

17   USB port is used for product firmware updates

18   LCD

·      6.6” (168mm) diagonal 24-bit colour LCD with 1440xRGBx240 resolution

·      LED backlight (adjustable brightness via software)

·      multi touch capacitive touch overlay with gesture support

19   Size

·      494mm wide by 210mm deep by 44mm height

·      2.0kG

20   19inch rack mounting ears can be removed for desktop use